Guillermo del Toro Signs on for Trilogy of inSANE Games

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Guillermo del Toro, award-winning writer and director is joining THQ and Volition to create a trilogy of games meant to terrorize and tantalize players. If Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinthare any indication, this team-up is bound to produce a series that will be revolutionary for the horror genre. The first chapter in the series is expected to launch in 2013 and promises mind-blowing cinematic and a new way of telling stories through the medium of video games. In addition, THQ and del Toro will collaborate on potential transmedia projects surrounding the inSANE games.

"With this new series of video games, I want to take players to a place they have never seen before, where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality and reality," said del Toro. "THQ and Volition, Inc. are equally excited to make this vision of a completely new game universe into a reality."

The series is currently basing their hype off of mystery and del Toro's fame and reputation for revolutionary brilliance. Hopefully as more and more details are revealed over the new two years, the inSANE games will become more than just intriguing.

Shayna Gibson
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