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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday screenshots promote jolliness

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Hey you Guild Wars 2 players, it’s time to get festive. With Wintersday descending upon us, you can’t but help to keep the spirits high this holiday season. This goes beyond mere decorations and a whole sleigh full of snow, we’re talking actual game mechanics and functions. Yes, everyone gets a metaphorical present.

Crafters will be able to ascend their armorcrafting, leatherworkering, armorsmithing, and tailoring to raise their skill to 500. This will open up new options to explore ascended crafting. Each profession will receive a brand new healing skill – a first for the game. You’ll be able to test your platforming and ability to defy gravity with Wintersday puzzles and games. Help Tixx deliver toys and gifts across the world to receive miniatures. Let’s not forget the Bell Choir and the sweet sweet holiday music they will have you rock.

Regardless, no grinches allowed. Enjoy the screenshots and get festive!

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