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Guild Wars 2 U.S. digital sales suspended


Hoping to avoid servers being overloaded in this weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta test, ArenaNet has decided to suspend all digital sales in the United States.

Digital copies of Guild Wars 2 contain a key for this weekend's highly-anticipated beta test so to avoid servers from being overloaded from the high demand, the developer is limiting the quantities of beta keys going out.  Sales are "likely" to open back up when the initial rush to play Guild Wars 2 beta has subsided.

"We limit sales to ensure we have enough capacity for our customers," community manager Regina Buenaobra wrote on the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page.

"We're likely to have capacity available after the initial crunch at the start of the weekend. Players who purchase when we're able to resume digital sales at will still be able to play for the remainder of the weekend," Regina added.

GameStop and Best Buy still have stock available.

I think this is just a testament to how huge Guild Wars 2 is going to be.  A MMORPG with no monthly subscription?  I think some of the iconic MMORPG staples out there *cough* Star Wars: The Old Republic *cough* better watch out.

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