Guild Wars 2 second Beta Weekend

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The second Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend is about to begin and there are some things you need to know.

If this weekend is the first Beta Weekend Event you'll be participating in then you have a few choices to make. Unlike people who had previously particpated in the initial Beta Weekend Event you'll be able to pick any available server, or home world, when you first log in. A brief warning: any character that you create will be played on the home world you choose.

If this is your second Beta Weekend Event then you'll only have this opportunity to change your home world to another if you want to play with friends. After June 9 (6PM PDT) it will cost 1800 gems (with a limit of one transfer a week) to transfer to another home world. The good news it every beta player gets 500 gems for just being in the Beta Weekend Event and you can get 2000 more gems if you put your credit info in the gem store (sounds like a catch, maybe a good catch).

ArenaNet put up a list of worlds that will be available to users during the Beta Weekend Event:

US Worlds EU Worlds
Anvil Rock Kodonur
Borlis Pass Gandara
Yak’s Bend Blacktide
Henge of Denravi Istan
Maguuma Vabbi
Sorrow’s Furnace Kourna
Kaineng Fissure of Woe
Jade Quarry Underworld
Fort Aspenwood Ring of Fire

Longer list here.

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