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Guild Wars 2 not playable at Gamescom or PAX

ArenaNet's highly anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2, will not be playable at Gamescom or PAX despite occurring so close to the launch. Actually, that's the exact reason it won't be playable at the Germany-based video game trade show.

"Right now, the entire studio is focused on one thing: the launch of Guild Wars 2 on August 28," ArenaNet explained to fans. "As a result, our tradeshow presence this year will be limited."

While Guild Wars 2 won't be playable at Gamescom, members of the ArenaNet Community Team will be present. ArenaNet's booth will be a "chill out zone" where you can stop by and chat with the ArenaNet members and get free drinks.

Following Gamescom will be the Gamestop Expo on August 29 in San Antonion, TX. At this event, 16 Guild Wars 2 demo stations (8 of which will be on the Alienware Hummer) will be set up.

Finally, ArenaNet will not be attending PAX this year because the event takes place during the week of Guild Wars 2's launch. While I'm sure many are disappointed they won't be able to get hands-on time with the game, I'm sure we'd all much rather prefer ArenaNet spend their time ensuring a stable launch for the game. With that being said, ArenaNet will be having a party on Saturday, September 1 to celebrate the launch of Guild Wars 2.

"It's been a busy summer for us, and although we'd love to go out in force and meet everyone at trade shows, I hope you'll agree that our priorities are in order," ArenaNet concluded.

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