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Guild Wars 2 goes retro with Super Adventure Box, a fully playable April Fools' joke

Earlier today I mentioned that I tend to dislike April Fools' for the simple fact that these jokes usually never come to fruition. Leave it to the team at Arenanet, who has not only devised one of the cooler April Fools' jokes that I can remember, but it's in fully playable form within the game.

Super Adventure Box is an entirely new area within Guild Wars 2 that's accessible from via the north end of Rata Sum, near the portal to Lion’s Arch. All you have to do is talk to Moto and he'll set you up with your very own Super Adventure Box.

This retro-inspired world will house a jumping challenge as well as a boss fight against King Toad. Pro tip: it's all about pattern recognition.

Super Adventure Box will be available in the game for the month of April, so if you haven't been on Guild Wars 2 for a while, it's time to renew that subscription log into the game, and experience it for yourself.

Also, make sure to check out the hilarious 80s/90s Super Adventure Box commercial above, featuring an all too cool Rytlock Brimstone.

Pro Tips from Arenanet:

  • Zoom your camera all the way out with your mouse wheel.
  • Disable double-tap to evade in your Combat/Movement Options under General Options.  Learn to use the V key to evade.
  • “Dodge Jump” for a little extra height and length by hitting evade (V) right after Jump (Space Bar).  Practice rolling your thumb from the Space Bar to the V key in one smooth movement.
  • Don’t pick on innocent wildlife. Some might even lead you to treasure!
  • Always carry a towel with you to deal with sweaty palms.
  • Be brave and go for reckless jumps.  After all, it’s just a game. Within a game.  Have FUN!
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