Guild Wars 2 final Beta Weekend Event begins today

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The final beta event for Guild Wars 2 begins today, giving players their last chance to play the highly-anticipated MMO before its official release on August 28.

Starting today, at 12 noon PST, invited players and those who have pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 will be able to log in to the final open beta weekend and experience all of the new content added for this final test.

As the "biggest" Beta yet for Guild Wars 2, players will get access to a new map, the Legacy of the Foefire PvP map, the asura and sylvari races, and much more.

For the first time, players will be able to create asura and sylvari characters and explore each race's home region and unique storyline options. In addition, for players level 17-20, the Brisban Wildlands have opened up giving players a unique "remote jungle" area to explore.

For those who prefer PvP, the Legacy of the Foefire map is also available. Unlike other PvP maps in Guild Wars 2, this one includes NPC guards and team "guild lords", powerful NPCs that are worth a lot of points if you can manage to kill them.

There are also a few non-combat related features included vistas for those who prefer to sightsee and explore, as well as Keg Brawl, the first minigame activity playable in a beta weekend.

As ArenaNet noted, all existing beta information will be deleted following this weekend event. Every character and information or items associated with them will be deleted. However, ArenaNet will be preserving your beta account's contact list so you can easily reconnect with friends after the launch of the game.

Remember, this is your last chance to experience Guild Wars 2 before its release on August 28.

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