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Guild Wars 2 Close Beta Begins Tomorrow


ArenaNet has announced that the Guild Wars 2 closed beta will begin tomorrow - Friday, December 16th.

GW2 systems designer Jon Peters revealed the date in an AMA on Reddit."

"We will officially enter Closed Beta Testing this Friday," wrote Peters. "It will be marked with an increase in our pool of testers"

Peters clarified that the beta phase beginning tomorrow would still be under NDA and is not open to the public.

"Based on the feedback we get from our current Closed Beta Testing, we will determine the next phases of our beta program in which we will open beta access to more people."

Guild Wars 2 French community manager Stéphane Lo Presti offered further clarification on the official forums.

"For the sake of clarity," Presti wrote, "we've talked about closed beta and by that we mean that there is no public information about how to get in, as we're selecting the candidates carefully. We will not reveal any more information apart from what we just said."

"To be even clearer, there won't be any web page for getting into the closed beta and we won't reveal how we're selecting candidates."

There is currently no release date for Guild Wars 2 so I wouldn't worry about missing a potential open beta date.  Yesterday, ArenaNet officially revealed the final profession for Guild Wars 2, the Mesmer.

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