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Guild Wars 2 celebrates Queen Jennah's rule in next content update

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ArenaNet announced today Queen's Jubilee, the next content add-on for Guild Wars 2 aimed at celebrating a decade of Queen Jennah's rule. With Cutthroat Politics finishing up next week, Queen's Jubiliee is set to go live immediately after on August 6th. It's the third update since ArenaNet officially adopted the two-week update plan for Guild Wars 2.

In Queen’s Jubilee, players will celebrate 10 years of Queen Jennah’s rule by opting to take a hot air balloon to Divinity’s Reach, the capital of the human nation of Kryta, and home to the opening ceremony. Once there, players can join the festivities and compete in ceremonial combat in the Crown Pavilion, a new gladiatorial arena Queen Jennah has commissioned for the occasion.

New events will include:

  • Hot Air Balloons: Queen Jennah’s court has sent hot air balloons to transport the inhabitants of Tyria to the celebration. Players can find the hot air balloons in the open world and hop a fun, quick and stylish ride to the party.
  • The Opening Ceremony: Players can attend the dedication of the Crown Pavilion, a new gladiatorial arena the queen has commissioned for the celebration, and watch its inaugural contest.
  • Enter the Crown Pavilion: Players will be tested in this new mini-zone that feature mighty representations of humanity’s enemies. Representing various cities of Tyria, players can be named champion of a nation and gain access to unique reward vendors.
  • Fight in the Queen’s Gauntlet: Players can attempt to defeat in single combat increasingly difficult challenges against unique bosses. Taking risks with special gambit conditions will earn more prestigious rewards.

Rewards include Watchwork technology, new parts that can be used in crafting recipes or as currency int he Crown Pavilion to buy items. A miniature Watchknight that is modeled after the queen's new mechanical sentinels is rewarded for completing the Queen's Jubilee meta achievement.

Lastly, the update will also add the following features:

  • Account Wallet for Currency: Players can now keep all of their currencies in one wallet that makes dungeon tokens, coins, karma, laurels, Guild Commendations, Fractal Relics, Badges of Honor, gems and glory accessible to any of the characters on their account.
  • PvP Solo Queue: With new Solo Arena matches, players can join PvP matches in a competitive environment without having to gather a full team or fight against a pre-formed group. Solo Arena also features its own leaderboard, so players can earn rank without affecting their Team Arena standings.
  • Bonus Rewards for Dungeons: Now, there’s even more incentive for braving the dungeons of Tyria. Each day, when finishing a unique path for any explorable or story dungeon, players will receive a bonus reward for completion – 1 gold for explorable dungeons, 50 silver for story dungeons. These new rewards for dungeon completion replace the guaranteed coin rewards that previously dropped from bosses in dungeons. All other drops from bosses have not been changed.
  • Mini-Game Rotation System: Players can take part in the new, daily mini-game rotation that was promised by both of the Captain’s Council candidates in the previous update. The initial rotation includes Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, Southsun Survival and Crab Toss.
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