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Guild Wars 2 beta weekend #2 delayed for 'additional hardware deploy'


After getting a taste of Guild Wars 2 back in April, fans have eagerly been awaiting when ArenaNet will be hosting the second official Beta Weekend Event.

Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer.  Following the Beta Weekend #1 and last Monday's stress test, ArenaNet is deploying a lot of "additional hardware" to avoid running into similar problems.

"Our BWE1 was super successful, we exceeded our expectations. As some of you might have experienced first hand, this lead to some technical issues," ArenaNet's Martin Kerstein began. "To make sure we are not running into the same situation for BWE2, we recently had a stress test, and we are currently deploying a lot of additional hardware in our datacenters."

ArenaNet announced on the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page that they will not be running the Beta Weekend Event 2 this coming weekend, nor will they be able to say when exactly it will take place.  Although they did say it will be held "as soon as all the hardware has been deployed."

"We are not withholding a date intentionally, we want to make sure that BWE2 will be a really great experience for all of you," Kerstein concluded. "I hope this helps a bit in understanding where we are standing – you all have a really relaxing long weekend!"

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