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Guess what, that new Sonic Jump iOS game is actually awesome


Not too long ago we announced the existence of an upcoming game from SEGA called Sonic Jump on iOS. It released on October 18th, and while I tried my hardest to resist that $1.99 download, I finally broke down last night and downloaded it.

I think it speaks volumes when I downloaded the game at around 10pm and wasn't done playing it until 1am. While it may seem like Sonic Jump just employs that "done to death" formula that Doodle Jump made so popular, it in fact separates itself by incorporating popular Sonic tropes, which is probably why I found it so appealing.

You're basically navigating Sonic by tilting your device and making sure he reaches the top of each stage, either without falling, or dying by hitting an enemy without having any coins. Of course you have your familiar Sonic power ups available, as well as his (now) signature double jump, allowing for some special jumps.

The addictiveness comes in with trying to not only collect as many coins as you can, but also the three Star coins in each stage. They start out easy, but they progressively get harder to pick up. Also borrowing the mission design of Jetpack Joyride, you'll have specific goals that will level you up such as hit 40 enemies, completing a level under 40 seconds, etc.

I also love the art style, as everything is much more cel-shaded, almost looking like a higher resolution version of the Sonic Rush games on the GBA and DS.

The fact of the matter is, Sonic Jump isn't just a straight up rip off of Doodle Jump, as it manages to retain that Sonic look and feel.

With that said though, If you found yourself loving games like Doodle Jump, Sonic Jump is an easy sell at $1.99.

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