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Guardians of Middle-earth coming to PC/Steam

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Guardians of Middle-earth, the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) featuring characters and locations from Lord of the Rings, is coming to PC via Steam, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced.

Guardians of Middle-earth released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 last December, developed by Monolith. The PC version is developed by Zombie Studios. It's the same gaming experience as on the consoles, but it makes use of some Steam features -- Steamworks matchmaking, Big Picture mode, leaderboards and statistics. While you can still use a controller to play the game, just like the console versions, there are controls for keyboard and mouse. 

With the Guardians of Middle-earth PC version, all console DLC will be included. Players will have access to all 36 original Guardians, all earnable through gameplay and in-game currency. There's also three map skins -- The Shire, Goblin-town and Mirkwood -- and the gameplay mode Survival. 

It's worth noting, if you purchased Guardians of Middle-earth for PSN or Xbox Live, you can get a free PC download code for the game, so you won't have to re-buy it. 

There are multiple pricing options for the game, too:

  • Guardians of Middle-earth - $19.99 - Includes playable Guardians: Gandalf, Galadriel, Hildifons, Mozgog, Bert, Legolas and their alternate skins.
  • Guardians of Middle-earth: Mithril Edition - $79.99 - Includes all 36 playable Guardians and their alternate skins, the Mithril Guardians Relic and a buddy key.
  • Guardians Packs - $14.99 - Six total bundles each with five Guardians and their alternate skins.
  • Smaug's Treasure - $9.99 - Smaug's Greed Relic and in-game gold

So for $19.99 you can play the game with six starting characters, but you'll have to grind in-game currency to unlock other Guardians. Or you have the option to buy those Guardians for real money. Don't forget, you'll also have to spend in-game currency for gems and relics.

Guardians of Middle-earth for PC is releasing on August 29. 

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