Guardians of Middle-earth cinematic trailer released

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released the debut cinematic trailer for their recently announced Guardians of Middle-earth, their upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game.

Today's trailer gives us a small glimpse of the guardians who will clash in the showdown between good and evil. Guardians of Middle-earth will offer over 20 iconic characters from J.R.R. Tolkien's brilliant universe of Middle Earth including Gandalf, Sauron, Gollum, and Thráin. Unfortunately, this trailer only shows us the more popular characters and face of the Lord of the Rings franchise like Gandalf and Legolas.  Gollum plays a pretty big role in the trailer, but does anyone honestly think he could take on Gandalf in a one vs one top lane?

We'll find out soon at E3 where a planned Guardians of Middle-earth tournament will take place live from the Warner Bros. booth. I'm ready for some gameplay footage because I'm a firm believer that MOBA's are meant to be played on PC.

Guardians of Middle-earth will feature ten player gameplay (five vs five).  It is set to release in Fall 2012 exclusively for Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.  Other features include an in-game voice communication system and a comprehensive online stat and leader board system where you can track friends' victories and defeats.

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