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GTA V Analysis: What We've Learned About the Game from the Trailer


In case you missed it, Rockstar JUST released the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer and as anticipated, it's the hottest thing trending right now.  So before we continue with our analysis, get caught up with the new GTA V trailer below.

Let's see what we can deduce about the game based on this minute and a half trailer.

  • Welcome back to San Andreas.  GTA V looks to be set in Vinewood (Rockstar's fictional representation of Hollywood), with some hints of Los Santos thrown in.
  • Los Puertas looks to be a new city in San Andreas.
  • The protagonist is a middle-aged male.  It sounds like he was once caught up in a life of crime, but moved to Vinewood to get away from it all...guess that didn't happen - judging from him and his men hopping out of the back of a van with gas masks and guns.  It looks like a robbery of some sort.
  • The wild women.  Yes, hookers look to be back in the game and they are looking finer than ever thanks to what appears to be a more vibrant color palette. (The skimpy clothing doesn't hurt either)
  • Grand Theft Auto V has sort of an L.A. Noire feel to it.  I'm not sure what it is - maybe it's the cinematic style approach they took with the trailer - but it feels a lot like L.A. Noire.  Maybe not setting and story, but the way it's presented.
  • The plot looks to revolve around money.  Throughout the entire trailer we are shown clips of the results of a downed economy: You have clips of wealthy men playing golf, driving fancy cars, etc. intertwined with those suffering from the collapse.  You have foreclosed houses, homeless guys under a bridge, hookers trying to get money any way they can, homeless tents set up.  Take into account what the protagonist says at the beginning about moving for the "magic" and wanting to retire and be a dad.  Do you think a downturn in the economy forced him to resort to his days of crime in order to maintain a normal living?
  • The game engine looks heavily modified...and fantastic.  Much more fluid and realistic than past GTA games.
  • It looks like you'll see the environments similar to what you'd expect in California.  You'll have your mix of urban slums, beachline property, vineyards, and ritzy city.
  • The game will be action-packed.  We've seen, just from the trailer, jets, explosions, high speed car chases, foot chases, guns, and robberies - all in a span of a minute and a half.  Imagine what the entire game will have.

Overall, I think the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer lived up to the hype.  It doesn't look like it's reinventing the wheel, but definitely polishing it.  It looks just as entertaining as previous GTA titles.

What are your thoughts?


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