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GTA Online Content Creator tool shown off in leaked footage

GTA Online content creator

Newly leaked footage of Grand Theft Auto Online's content creator tools has been discovered online, showing off the ability to create your own activities -- such as races or deathmatches -- in GTA 5's online multiplayer.

The clip, uploaded to the "LiveUnknownHacks" YouTube account, is admittedly an older version of the content creator tool. Funmw2, who also leaked the audio files of the game's alleged DLC, notes that this version only allowed users to create races and deathmatches. He goes on to explain that the latest game update, version 1.06, changed the file size of the creator and although there is no word yet on what the new version will have, he believes that it will add in the option to create missions.

Based solely on the info from the video, it appears that the content creator won't work underground or inside buildings and that items are place via spawn points. Some notable customizable options include the time of day and traffic for a race, the location of checkpoints, props,w anted levels, and much more; although, keep in mind some of the menu items might have already been changed.

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