GTA 5 Xbox 360 avatar items now available on Xbox LIVE

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - GTA 5 Xbox 360 avatar items

Rockstar and Microsoft have released a batch of items that now let you pimp your Xbox 360 avatar in outfits and gear themed after the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5. While the avatar items will do nothing to speed up the game's release from September 17, they do provide some nice swagger for your digital self.

The items available include individual outfits that you may have seen in trailers or screenshots, the iconic rainbow parachute prop, and my personal favorite, Chop, the dog that belongs to Franklin. Check out the full list of items below:

  • Chop - 240 MP
  • Abseiling Outfit - 320 MP
  • Bugstar Outfit - 320 MP
  • FIB Outfit - 320 MP
  • Scuba Outfit - 320 MP
  • Parachute Prop - 240 MP
  • GTA 5 T-shirt - 80 MP

You can preview how any of these items will look on or beside your avatar by heading over to And to help hold you over until September 17th, here are a few newly released Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots.

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