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GTA 5 teaches me how to pick up a prostitute/gives me catch phrases for when I finish

gta 5 prostitute

I found a guide on how to pick up prostitutes. For Grand Theft Auto 5. Not for myself. I'm not one who partakes in paying for sex. It's just for the video game. Whatever, I'm done explaining myself to you.

Just know that WikiGameGuides made a video on where you can find prostitutes and where you have to go to complete the transaction, for all you sexual deviants. Be warned, the video is very NSFW. The girl is very, what's the word I'm looking for... enthusiastic in both language, comments, requests and motion. I also know what I'm going to shout every time I, er, finish from now on.

That said, I'm not quite sure I spotted the difference between the $70 and $100 services. If you know the difference, I'd really like to know. For journalistic purposes... I swear... ***zips up pants***

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