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GTA 5's Los Santos recreated in GTA 4 with mod


A new Grand Theft Auto 4 mod, still currently in the works, looks to allow PC players to finally experience what it's like to cruise the streets of Los Santos. Rockstar has yet to officially announce a PC version of GTA 5, but it is widely expected to come, leaving many waiting around with bated breath.

While the wait continues, players can rely on mods and maps to hold them over, but a mod developer has a much grander vision -- recreating the city of Los Santos from GTA 5 in GTA 4. YouTuber "taltigolt" has uploaded video of himself driving around Los Santos in GTA 4, but admits that this was never meant to be seen in such early stages.

"I am dissapointed [sic] this was never meant to release like this so much planning down the drain i wanted to suprise [sic] everyone with something epic then some random person comes and ruins it all," he said. Apparently, someone on the GTA forums obtained access to the files, forcing its original creator to at least show off the mod before someone stole credit. To that end, taltigolt urges everyone to view this video "as a teaser for the real version." 

"This mod was supposed to have ped paths trafficpaths the vinewood hill and a gta 5 based enb config made by ice la glace author of icenhancer unfortunatly the files for this project leaked so i had to post what was finished today," (sic) he added. "There's still alot left to be done this is only a taste." (sic)

Taltigolt will upload a "proper video" of the mod within two to three weeks, so we'll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, what do you think of the early version?

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