GTA 5 lithograph included with BradyGames' strategy guide pre-order

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - Michael, Trevor, and Franklin preparing for a heist

BradyGames' Official Grand Theft Auto 5 Signature Series Strategy Guide is now available for pre-order and if the massive open-world nature of the game wasn't enough reason to go out and purchase it, then maybe Rockstar's pre-order incentive can convince you.

Rockstar Games will include a free exclusive lithograph of the accompanying photo, featuring Michael, Trevor, and Franklin -- the game's three playable charactres -- as they prepare to take down an armored car in one of the GTA 5 missions.

As for the guide, The Signature Series ($24.99) is a lengthy 400 pages consisting of a complete walkthrough for GTA 5 along with mission maps that identify key objectives. It also includes "thorough coverage of all off-mission activities and maps that detail every square mile of Los Santos and Blaine County."

There's also a 432 page hardcover bound Limited Edition ($36.99) that includes all of the content above plus an exclusive bonus lithograph and a collection of GTA 5 illustrations.

I've never really been one for strategy guides, but Rockstar has already said Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to be massive -- like really, really massive. And judging by the gameplay trailer, there's going to be plenty to do on the side. So why not pick up this guide and discover all the nooks and crannies hidden within this game?

[BradyGames via Rockstar]

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