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GTA 5: GTA Online gets 10 more Rockstar Verified Jobs


Looking for something to do in Grand Theft Auto Online following The Business Update? Rockstar has issued 10 new "verified" jobs. For those unfamiliar, these are jobs/missions created by the GTA Online community which Rockstar sifts through and deems worthy enough to highlight and share with all players. Every month or so, Rockstar verifies and shares 10 new jobs; here are the ones for March:


"Around the Mirror" is a clean and quick Race for up to 16 players around the scenic area of Mirror Park. The long straights make it a great choice for the new blazing fast rides like the Grotti Turismo R and the Dinka Jester from The Business Update. "Windy Hills" is  a 16 player motorbike Race through the rotary blades of the RON Alternates Wind Farm in Blaine County. This lap Race features long straights combined with several perilous cliff-side hairpin bends that require expert control and perfect timing.
In "Transformer Station", teams battle for control of the entire Los Santos power supply in the far northeast of the city. With just two armor pick-ups and a handful of firearms, your choice of starting weapons will be key to victory here. "Hill Valley Cemetery" provide cover for teams looking to wake the dead, or add to their numbers. Here the plethora of health packs, weapons and vehicles available (Romero Hearse included), complement the availability of plenty of natural cover.
This course turns the Sandy Shores airfield into a challenging track with tight turns, great views and bumpy off road sections that could easily throw you off course. 
"Farm Fresh" was picked out for R* Verification due to the diverse terrain explored in a map that navigates tight, difficult sections in and around Martin Madrazo’s ranch at La Fuerte Blanca, up to the Redwood Lights race track and back down to an on-road section in the Vinewood Hills.
Coupe D'état - Created by LuapYllier
"Coupe D'état" features an underused vehicle class that is perfect for the tricky turns and hill sections. Keep an eye out for crossovers where you can collide with opponents as well as a shortcut across the abandoned railway line.
Power Hour - Created by AnneSauceyFrank
"Power Hour" is an exciting high speed Race in an area rarely used: the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the east coast of San Andreas. With each lap featuring a double loop, there's plenty of potential for some electrifying collisions - Race leaders may find themselves quickly targeted by those bitter at having fallen behind.
Refuel - Created by Demon Low-Rider
With sections on asphalt and dirt, as well as tight turns and long straights, this diverse track will challenge all of your driving ability - particularly if you have the full complement of 15 opponents battling to throw you off course. 
This short point-to-point (1.33 mi) lets you practice for that very situation as you race from Burton to Los Santos County General. 

Rockstar notes that due to restraints on the total number of Rockstar Verified Jobs that they can make available, they will be retiring the first set of Races and Deathmatches.

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