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GTA 5: Fan-made GTA Online jobs pay tribute to The Warriors anniversary


Did you know it's been 35 years since The Warriors' original 1979 theatrical release? Unfortunately, I wasn't yet born at that time, but I vividly remember sitting at home watching the cult classic on VHS over and over again. The Baseball Furies were always my favorite (behind The Warriors, that is).

Seeing as how Rockstar created a video game adaptation of the film, the studio felt it fitting to share with us a fan-made playlist in GTA 5's Grand Theft Auto Online mode that emulates classic scenes from the movie and game. The list consists of three Deathmatches that resemble the locations and times of day of specific fight scenes in the film.

Here they are:

The Warriors Park Scene
Appropriately set during the dreary dead of night in a baseball diamond east of La Puerta (as opposed to Riverside Park), combatants gather at opposing ends of the field and then charge to the middle to bop it out with melee weapons. Baseball bats may seem like the favored choice for individuals looking to release their inner fury but know that there are a few knives scattered about to effectively get the edge on your competition.

The Warriors Subway Scene
Take the fight underground near Rockford Hills. It'll probably be a good while until the F Train to Coney arrives, so you have time to slug it out with a myriad assortment of blunt objects at your disposal to settle territorial disputes. There may not be much in the way of health packs or Flash laying around to get your head right but there is a serviceable e-Cola machine on one end of the platform for your convenience.

The Warriors Final Scene
Daybreak - Warriors and Rogues gather under the Del Perro Pier on the beach to settle the score once and for all. Things can get hectic and crowded under the landing and you may find yourself hitting more dock supports than enemies as you swing away like a madman in close quarters. Take your rivals "out on the sand" to gain a better perspective on who's coming directly at you.

What? No battle against the Lizzies? I'm disappointed.

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