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GTA 5 DLC leak reveals assassination missions and new special abilities


Rockstar Games has yet to elaborate on its "big plans" for Grand Theft Auto 5's story mode DLC, but that hasn't stopped players from digging through the game's files in attempt to uncover some details. And uncover they have, as GTA Forums' user funmw2 has apparently discovered a few features possibly arriving in future DLC.

Among the things found in GTA 5's executable include assassination missions, new special abilities, additional phone apps, and a few more weapons. Unfortunately, it appears the DLC assassination files are empty at this pint, but the leaker notes they could be added in update 1.10. New weapons possibly being added include a wrench and and a shovel.

All in all, it appears the findings are a bit lackluster as Rockstar promised "substantial additions" for the story mode. It's possible that no all of the content has been added to the game's files. It's also worth noting that while funmw2 has a history of being correct (he previously leaked the content creator), these findings should be treated as rumors. 

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