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GTA 5 Cheats: GTA Online glitch lets you return to North Yankton

North Yankton

A new GTA 5 glitch, discovered by CVG, allows players in GTA Online to return to North Yankton, the starting area in Grand Theft Auto 5's Story Mode.

Originally designed for the prologue only, the snowy area is locked once players complete the beginning portion of the game. Following an armed robbery, players are swarmed by police and engage in a high speed chase. At the end of the opening sequence, the campaign transports players the much-sunnier Los Santos, with players unable to return to the snow-laden North Yankton.

However, by following the instructions below with the latest patch installed, North Yankton can be found floating in the skies of Los Santos. GTA Online players will be free to explore it without being hunted by police. Below is a video guide to the glitch and below that are written instructions on how to access North Yankton.

How to access North Yankton in GTA Online

First, one player needs to start an invite-only game in GTA Online. A second player then needs to play the game's prologue in the single-player Story Mode. Once the second player reaches the point where they initially leave the building and police arrive, they must run to the left past the Bobcat van. At this point, the second player simply needs to accept a game invite from their friend in GTA Online. North Yankton will then appear as a floating city on the south-east side of Los Santos; it is accessible via helicopter.

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