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GTA 5: A new batch of GTA Online 'Rockstar Verified' jobs


A fresh batch of Grand Theft Auto Online "Rockstar Verified" jobs have been posted. This time, Rockstar is looking at jobs that "either break new ground or approach some of GTA Online's beaten paths from a fresh perspective."

Today's batch is sadly just a mix of Races and Deathmatches, despite this month's update adding the ability to create your own Capture Jobs with the GTA Online Creator tool. Rockstar says the first Verified Capture Jobs will be announced next week, so stay tunes.

In the meantime, here's what we have today:

Final Destination - Created by TonyResta
The first ever Air Race to be Rockstar Verified. This race that features plenty of opportunities to showcase your flying skills as you're directed under the bridges of the Los Santos storm drain.

2 Mile Lap Divided - Created by Family1974
This riotus Land Race maximizes the chance of head on collisions. In fact, in this one it's practically unavoidable, so buckle up... The starting grid is split by the central reservation of a highway, dividing the cars in half all the way down the long straight. At the end the carnage begins, as there's a hairpin turn that sees each half of the grid forced to face each other head on, at high speed. Our advice? Go hard or go home.

Alleyways - Created by omgsamurai
In this motorbike race you'll have white knuckles clinging to the handlebars all the way through the tight and twisting alleyways of Morningwood. Describing this one as challenging might be an understatement - moto pros only need apply.

Break out the Brakes - Create by IckyDoodyPoopoo
This is a short but challenging Land Race that features "grand prix style turns". Break Out The Brakes was selected for Rockstar Verification thanks to its clever use of props to carve a new path in the Downtown Los Santos area of the map that has been well worn by other Job Creators.

Riding the Tracks - Created by Ben.Stock96
11 miles of pure, unadulterated tension await in the longest Race we've ever Verified. Running along the entire length of the railway line, this thrilling Race travels against the grain into oncoming locomotive traffic, so at at any moment you may find yourself staring into the lights of the express from Blaine County Train Depot on its way to Downtown Los Santos.

Simply Sanchez - Created by Refuso
A daring and original Race for off-roaders and dirt bikes, through the Vinewood Hills. We are impressed by the use of certain off-road sections that have rarely been used or seen in Races before, with some exhilarating jumps over the rolling landscape for extra thrills. 

The Dirty Maze - Created by dannyar21
The Dirty Maze is a point-to-point Land Race for dirt bikes that spirals down into the center of the Davis Quartz quarry. Like the best off-road bike tracks, this one is full of tight turns and bumpy terrain. 

White Cars Can't Jump - Created by Therealxstacide
White Cars Can't Jump has nailed the art of the highway jumping racer: evenly spaced Jumps along the Great Ocean Highway - but the placement of train carriages to jump through makes for added element of danger. You either smoke or you get smoked.

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