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January 3, 2008 Sponsored by Politically-Charged Party Game, Hail to the Chimp

News Team Anchor Woodchuck Chumley on Assignment at Iowa Caucus

In the spring of 2008, democracy comes to the animal kingdom in Wideload Games’ politically-charged party video game Hail to the Chimp. Only one animal will rally enough support in the wild to win and become president. If you feel like you are uninformed about this election, it is likely due to the human bias at CNN, MSNBC, and the so called Fox News. With the launch of, you now have a site “by animals for animals” that scares up hard-hitting, probing coverage of the issues YOU care about every day.

The GRR News herd of top notch correspondents includes award-winning News Anchor Woodchuck Chumley, Co-Anchor Juliet the Ostrich, and everyone’s favorite Weatherturtle Rusty. Together they will bring you up-to-the-minute election polls, gossip, stock tips, interviews with candidates, and more. Tireless reporters will track the ten candidates, and each of their different political parties and platforms. Other site features will include a daily blog, video, horoscope, obituaries and regular columns including “This Day in History.”

"News is our territory,” said GRR News team anchor Woodchuck Chumley. “Other news networks are nothing more than the lapdogs of the ruling elite. GRR is the network for the discerning news hound. No matter how chaotic the world gets - and it's going to get pretty wild during the upcoming election - animals everywhere know they can turn to GRR for the truth. Now, with the advent of, you can get your full dose of GRR using cutting-edge 'Internet' technology."

Click here to see a new Hail to the Chimp video.

As the recognized Godfather of animal news, Woodchuck Chumley is a hero of reporters around the world. Wideload Games and Gamecock Media Group are sponsoring Woodchuck Chumley's trip to the upcoming Iowa caucus in Des Moines where he and his video crew will show legions of admiring journalists how it’s done.

Hail to the Chimp, the lead sponsor of, will deliver exciting gameplay, lush interactive environments, and a comic look at politics. Just like any political race, the candidates will fight hard and are encouraged to team-up and form alliances when it helps their campaign. But, only one will win the right to party.

Hail to the Chimp ( will be published by Gamecock Media Group and released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at a price point of $39.99.

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