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Grimlic's Descent Brings Demonic Treachery to PoxNora

December 17, 2007




Octopi recently released the Grimlic’s Descent expansion for PoxNora, the critically acclaimed online turn-based strategy game.


This latest expansion, PoxNora’s fifth expansion since the core game was released in August 2006, adds 60 new runes across all factions, including the highly anticipated Grimlic, Hero of the Underdepths and a master of deception.


Other features of the expansion include more than 40 new abilities, a new map and a downloadable game client, which allows players to run PoxNora directly from their desktops instead of navigating to the PoxNora website to initiate a game. With the release of Grimlic’s Descent, the runes from all previous expansions are now available in the PoxNora single-rune store.


Grimlic’s Descent was created by Octopi, a subsidiary of FUN Technologies Inc. and the development house behind PoxNora. “I can’t wait to see what our players come up with,” said Peter Nolen, developer, PoxNora. “These new runes and gameplay will revolutionize the way existing players experience the game.”


PoxNora has more than 1.5 million registered accounts since the game’s launch just over a year ago. PoxNora combines many popular elements of collectible card games, tactical miniatures games, and role-playing games into an innovative online strategy game. PoxNora’s ground-breaking multi-faceted gameplay is not only very addictive, but also deep and complex.


The basics of the game are simple: players assemble battlegroups, or decks, consisting of champions, equipment, relics and spells. However, from the almost 600 individual runes available, only 20 may be selected at a time for use when playing an opponent. Learning how to combine runes and counter an opponent’s attack are essential for success.


Pre-constructed starter decks are available for free play, but in order to earn experience from battling opponents a player must purchase their own runes. PoxNora allows players to upgrade the attributes and skills of their champions by spending experience points earned through gameplay with runes they own. This makes it possible for the same champion owned by two different players to be quite different in advanced skills and abilities.


PoxNora was developed on a modified Octoplex engine and was designed for cross-platform gaming. PoxNora will run on any Java-enabled Internet browser on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers.

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