'Grifball' confirmed for Halo 4

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In today’s gaming age, it’s not uncommon for a community-created mode to become the forerunner for a game’s multiplayer, but back when “Grifball” was introduced for the Halo series, many weren’t quite sure just how it would be received. Received it was, though, as it became one of the hottest game modes in all of gaming. However, when word released that 343 were taking over the Halo franchise, fans quickly went to the Internet to see if Halo 4 would include the mode. Until this past week’s PAX Prime in Seattle, all signs pointed to no, but during 343’s Halo panel, Grifball was officially confirmed for the upcoming blockbuster.

Halo 4 Grifball

According to the developer, Grifball will be a full-fledged multiplayer mode instead of being categorized under the community section. The mode will be tweaked slightly for an optimized experience; players can now throw the ball to other players and feature “increased speed” for quicker matches.

You can view the entire 343 Industries Halo panel at PAX Prime by clicking here.

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