G.Rev Shooter Strania Gets Patch, Upcoming DLC

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G.Rev's Xbox Live Arcade shoot 'em up Strania: The Stella Machine got a quick patch today. The patch updates some of the game's features and mechanics. G.Rev shared news of a soon-to-be-released DLC expansion for the game.

The list of additions includes the option to select specific areas of stages in training mode, adjust extra lives from a maximum of five to nine, and an option for 4:3 aspect ratio TVs. Additionally, the game has had some adjustments to weapons systems including bombs, missiles, and the color of collisions.

Set to hit soon, the game's DLC pack, titled Side Vower, puts players on the enemy's side. While that doesn't look to change the gameplay greatly, it is a cool idea. No word yet on how much the DLC will cost.

Perhaps Strania is one of the more obscure and niche titles to come out on XBLA recently, but it's a pretty fun game. It's not a second coming of the shooter genre, but it's still refreshing to see a genre that's stuck in time adopting new concepts like DLC expansions.

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