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Gravity Rush to have three weeks of DLC


Gravity Rush might not be on US store shelves yet, but the folks in Japan are already getting treated to some DLC for the game. Apparently Sony has three weeks of planned DLC, according to Siliconera, which will consist of various challenge packs, side missions and costumes.

If it was just costumes, I don't think I would have been sold on the idea, but with the addition of more missions and challenges, I think it's awesome that the game is seeing continued support.

An example of one of the DLC packs will be a cat costume for the main character, Kat, as well as a mission that requires some sort of stealthyness and spying. Anyone thinking Catwoman?

Gamers in the US that are eagerly waiting for Gravity Rush, much like myself, will have to wait until June 12th to get their hands on it, but those that want to give the game a test run should visit their local game retailers with a PS Vita demo unit, which has the Gravity Rush demo pre-installed.

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