Gravity Rush coming to PlayStation Vita on June 12th

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Today, Sony revealed that Gravity Rush will be made available for the PlayStation Vita on June 12th in North America, as both a digital release on the PlayStation Store and a physical game sold at retailers.

It will be released on June 13th in Europe, according to Sony Europe.

In Gravity Rush you explore a futuristic world that is under attacked from unknown forces referred to as "gravity storms".  Playing as Kat, you set out to stop the world from being destroyed, piece together your lost memories, and uncover the truth behind it all.  As Kat, you have the ability to control the forces of gravity enabling you to walk on any surface imaginable, fling yourself into the sky, and initiate special attacks in a gravity-free state.

Gravity Rush features beautiful cel-shaded graphic art style.  Using the Vita's twin sticks, motion sensor, and front touchscreen you can navigate and explore the rich narrative of Gravity Rush.

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