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Grandia Creator Dies at 45


Earlier today it was reported that Takeshi Miyaji died at the age of 45. Miyaji is credited with being the creator of the famed Grandia series, which is considered one of the most beloved RPG franchises around. News of the developer's untimely death came from G-Mode, the company he founded in 2000.

In addition to the legendary Grandia, Miyaji also worked on Silpheed and Gungriffon. Though we don't hear much about these franchises these days, it should be noted that they fared well critically and are considered enjoyable cult classics. Of course, most gamers are indeed familiar with the Grandia series, and it goes without saying that this franchise was easily Miyaji's most popular work.

The cause of Miyaji's death is currently unknown, and G-Mode didn't release any other information regarding his passing. Before his death, the Grandia creator was CEO of the company. He will now be succeeded by Ryu Okoriyama.

It's a shame that we lost the creator of one of the most memorable RPG franchises so soon. GameZone would like to wish the best to the friends and family of Takeshi Miyaji. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

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