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Grand Chase is here with More Dungeons

March 4, 2008

Grand Chase is here with More Dungeons, New Equipment and Ten Times the Daily Nutritional Requirement of Online Action!

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced new content and updates today for the exclusive North American release of Grand Chase, the Action Adventure MMO Brawler developed by KOG.

Get Your Brawl On in Brand New Dungeons!

In the newest patch to update Grand Chase, three new dungeons have been added to the game. These new dungeons further expand the areas and maps that players can explore and conquer by themselves, or cooperatively. All dungeons have three distinct difficulty levels (measured by a rating of one, tow or three stars), and each have final bosses that must be defeated in order to successfully complete them. In addition, the release of these new dungeons add new unique monsters, item drops, quests, and higher difficulty levels!

Proud Knights of Bermesiah looking to further the fight against evil should prepare for high-octane, fast-paced, brutal battles in the Forgotten City, Gaikoz's Castle and the Cemetery of the Dead to face Lich, Gaikoz and Paradom! These new dungeons are for levels 24 - 31!

Click here to download the new patch for Grand Chase

Better Equipment for Better Action!

With the recent addition of more challenging dungeons, players now require better, more powerful equipment. Fortunately, the newest update will include gear that players need to meet the challenge! New items are available for all three player types, Archers, Warriors, and Mages such as the new Royal and Moonlight Sets for Level 25+! 

The Time is Right for North America's First True Action Adventure MMO Brawler!

Grand Chase is a fast-paced, heart-pounding, action brawler that combines elements of traditional RPG character advancement and customization, and adds new cooperative and competitive elements for players who aren't afraid to put their brawling skills to the test! Grand Chase raises the bar for free-to-play online gaming; setting itself apart from the pack with superior quality, design, and execution. Grand Chase is a title unlike any other, and is poised to make its mark on the North American, English market!

The North American release of Grand Chase is not only the most enhanced and upgraded version of the game available in the English market, it is also a completely different and unique title that pushes the boundaries of traditional online gaming fare. A fully realized fantasy world sets the stage for high adventure and epic action as players join the forces of the Grand Chase Knights to fight the evil Kaze'aze and protect not only the land of Bermesiah, but the entire world!

This completely Free-to-Play, five-star title is being brought to North America for the first time ever, through online game publisher Ntreev USA, Inc.

Players who think they have the skills needed to battle the forces of evil and protect the land of Bermesiah by becoming Knights of Grand Chase should immediately go to the official website, and Join the Chase to Save the World!

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