Grand Theft Auto Trilogy now available on Amazon Fire TV and Kindle Fire

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Looking for some games to play on Amazon Fire TV or your Kindle Fire? Well, today you can purchase Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto trilogy. GTA III ($4.99), GTA: Vice City ($4.99), and GTA: San Andreas ($6.99) are all available for Amazon's devices.

If you want all three games, I suggest purchasing San Andreas as that includes a bonus 2,000 Amazon Coins which you can then use to complete the trilogy. And you'll still have coins left to spend in the Amazon Appstore afterwards.

Amazon Fire TV was first revealed back in early April. Like the Roku and Apple TV, it's an all-in-one device capable of streaming TV and movies, playing games, and browsing the web. It plus directly into your television and is equipped with a quad-core processor and its own dedicated GPU making it quite the capable gaming machine. It boasts 2GB of RAM and Mimo dual-band Wi-Fi (three-times the speed of the aforementioned competitors) while also supporting 1080p streaming.

Other exciting new titles available on this affordable $99 device include The Walking Dead: Season 2 from Telltale Games, Magika from Paradox Interactive, and Zombie Tycoon from Frima. 

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