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Grand Theft Auto Space: A Space Mod for GTA 5 That Looks Awesome

Gangstas in Space is no longer just a Saints Row thing!

Grand Theft Auto Space: A Space Mod for GTA 5 That Looks Awesome

Finished the storyline of Grand Theft Auto 5? Owning the streets of Los Santos for this many years can grow tiring. Time to move on to bigger fish. No, not the state or the country... We've got bigger things in mind: Space!

That's right, GTA Space is now a thing thanks to a team of modders. Fight aliens, land on other planets, and take on four missions when the mod releases. That may not seem like much, but that's just the initial release. It's a work in progress with much more planned that can be seen here. Check out the trailer below.

Features of this mod include the ability to space walk, variable gravity, and the ability to repair vehicles in space. There are even NPCs to expand your knowledge of the alien species and their stories.

Will GTA Space make serious use of Grand Theft Auto 5's impressive engine and modding capabilities? From what we can see in the forum, the mod seems to be a large endeavor we hope to see fully realized. With no official landing time, the team has stated that mod will be released "when we think the mod is ready." That's just the way it goes with mods, even ambitious ones like this.

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