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Grand Theft Auto 5 viral marketing kicks off with The Epsilon Program mocking Scientology


Grand Theft Auto's mysterious mock religious cult, the Epsilon Program, has come out of the woodwork to spread their message while poking fun at Scientology in what appears to be the start of some sort of viral campaign for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5.

Just a few days after Rockstar parent company, Take-Two Interactive, announced Grand Theft Auto 5 was making "substantial progress", the Epsilon Program updated its official site (owned by Rockstar Games) and Twitter account.

The Epsilon Program, a satirical take on Scientology, was featured heavily in GTA: San Andreas while vaguely referenced in GTA 4. Seeing as how Grand Theft Auto 5 will be set in a fictional versions of Los Angeles, which just so happens to be the birthplace of Scientology, there is speculation that L. Ron Hubbard's shady religious cult could play a large role in GTA 5.

The Epsilon Program boasts on their Twitter account that they are the "fastest growing religion in America" while directing followers to the cult's official website. On the website you can find the 12 tenets of KIFFLOM, or 12 "facts" like sperm does not exist and that the world is 157 years old. Did you also know that trees talk and men are supposed to lie with nine new partners a week?

The website also features fake testimonials as well as a way to donate to the program. The Epsilon Program asks that you send a check or money order to an address in the Cayman Islands. While it's no doubt a fake program, it'd be interesting to see if Rockstar actually owns the mailing address. Who knows, maybe if you mail them something you will get some easter egg in return for GTA 5.

We haven't yet done it, but we have reached out to Rockstar to see if our theory is true. Meanwhile, if you happen to take the risk in mailing something, let us know if you get anything in return. We did hear, however, that if you fax something to the number on the site, you will get a return fax from The Epsilon Program.

Grand Theft Auto 5 still doesn't have a release date and Rockstar continues to make us wait for new details preferring to "keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it".

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