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Grand Theft Auto 5 likely to release in March 2013, predicts analyst


Since Grand Theft Auto was officially revealed late last year, rumors and speculation about the highly anticipated game's release date have been a widely debated topic.  Although Rockstar and parent company, Take-Two, haven't mentioned a specific date, the rumored launch window ranges anywhere from Q3 2012 to early 2013.

The latest group to throw their opinion into the mix is Sterne Agee who recently shifted its expectations for Grand Theft Auto 5 to early next year.  Originally, the analyst group predicted GTA 5 to launch later this year - particularly in the third quarter of the current fiscal year, just before Christmas.  Now, according to Gamasutra, analyst Arvind Bhatia has stated that a March 2013 release is more likely.

Bhatia suggests that a March release for GTA 5 would be more beneficial, as the game won't have to compete with a crowded October/November filled with other blockbuster titles like Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed III, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

He also suggests that a 2013 release will give Rockstar more time to polish the game and have it ready for a potential Nintendo Wii U release.  If possible, Grand Theft Auto 5 could be one of the largest titles on what many consider to be the first of the next-gen consoles.

Take-Two recently went on record confirming Grand Theft Auto 5 was "making great progress" in development.  In the Q3 2012 earnings conference call, the parent company admitted they were still far from "determining a release window", but that it will likely be released sometime in the upcoming fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2013.

As for details surrounding the game, Rockstar said details about Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming "in a few months' time".

"Right now, we are very hard at work on the game and are excited as well to show and tell you more as development progresses - expect that we'll be talking much more about GTA V starting at some point in a few months’ time," the developer said in a fan Q&A.

Despite knowing very little about the game, aside from what the trailer has shown us, many analysts are already predicting GTA 5 to be highly successful, with sales ranging upwards of 25 million units within its first year on sale.  EEDAR's Jesse Divnich recently predicted that GTA 5 will be "2012's biggest release".  Although his estimate calls for a 2012 release date for the game, his prediction that "GTA 5 will be huge", is highly probable.

All rumors aside, Grand Theft Auto 5 will likely sell well - regardless of its release date.

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