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Grand Theft Auto 5 challenges GTA 4 as highest rated game of all time


Grand Theft Auto 5 reviews have been... impressive, to say the least. Currently sitting at a 98 and 97 metascore for Xbox 360 and PS3, respectively, it's on track to become the highest rated game of all time (according to Metacritic).

There's only one other game with a higher average score and guess what? It's GTA 5's predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 4 which sits at a 98 for both Xbox 360 an PlayStation 3.

It's been just 24 hours since the global review embargo lifted on Grand Theft Auto 5 so there's still a chance it could go up -- or down -- but based on early reviews I think the former is more likely to occur. Still, in order to rise that 1 point, it would need a couple more perfect scores. And with most of the "larger" gaming sites having already reviewed it, it'll be up to the smaller ones to determine the legacy. Let's hope they don't troll for hits.

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