Grand Theft Auto 5 Announced, Trailer Coming Soon

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Just a few days ago Rockstar's smash-hit Grand Theft Auto III turned 10 years old.  Taking advantage of the celebration Rockstar has decided to ride the momentum and announce Grand Thef Auto 5, or Grand Theft Auto V if you're a Roman numerals type of guy.

Rockstar madet he announcement by way of website, by replacing the main page of its website with a huge GTA V logo (clearly I like the Roman numerals better).  Unfortunately, nothing else was revealed by Rockstar except that a trailer will be released on November 2.  Beyond that, we can't tell you release window, game details, or platforms (though it's safe to assume PS3 and Xbox 360).  But we can tell you, November just got a hell of a lot more bad***.

What do you expect from Grand Theft Auto V? 

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