Gran Turismo 6 for PS4? Facebook photo album says it's so

PlayStation 4 Screenshot - 1140758 Gallery_small_gran_turismo_6

Photos for what appears to be Gran Turismo 6 development for PlayStation 4 were posted to Facebook and then promptly removed following news of the leak. NowGamer first spotted the set of photos on a Facebook page for LM Gianetti, an Italian car manufacturer. The album showed vehicles being scanned for use in the game.

Prior to the album's removal, the description (in Italian) read: "Scansione Per Gran Turismo PS4."

We already know that Polyphony Digital is working on Gran Turismo 6, though its platform remains a mystery. Shortly after news of the album went public, the text was changed to "Scanning Gran Turismo," removing the associated platform. Last month, it was said that GT6 would be coming to PS3 in 2013.  Perhaps this recently removed album indicates the game is in development for both generation PlayStation consoles? 

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