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Graffiti Entertainment Offers the Ultimate Fighter in Windy X Windam for Nintendo DS

November 21, 2009

Graffiti Entertainment Offers the Ultimate Fighter in Windy X Windam for Nintendo DS

North American gamers battle to earn their freedom and become the ultimate fighter in Windy X Windam for Nintendo DS

Graffiti Entertainment Inc. today announced that it has secured an exclusive distribution deal to publish ‘Windy X Windam’ (Nintendo DS) in North America. Developed by Ninja Studio, Windy X Windam is a 2D-style fighting game based on a Japanese anime series. The kingdom of Gawain is located at the center of the world. The people there use devices called “Windies” which grant the user various powers, including the power to fly. The power of “Windies” is an expression of political and military strength, and its power is absolute. This creates inequality in society, and conflict soon follows… Amidst this, a mysterious tournament is held in the Royal city of Flarius.

The winner is granted one wish, as well as complete Freedom.

For a long time, there was no one who would fight. But now a new generation of fighters answer the call. To win their freedom, or to have their wish granted, they all join the tournament in the name of liberty.

Whether they know it or not, it’s all according to plan…

Windy X Windam offers players the ability to use both screens of the DS to extend the battle arena into the air as players can fly to the top screen and take the battle to the sky. Aside from the standard punch, kick and throw commands found in most fighting games, players also have powerful “Ultimate techniques” which, when fully charged, unleash a fierce attack on the opponent.

The game also features popular anime characters Izuna and Shino and all characters and battle arenas are fully animated in a vibrant and colorful anime style. There are multiple game modes including battle, training, versus, and ranked matches. Each character has their own unique back-story that is revealed as they progress through the tournament, but the fast-paced gameplay and battles are the main focus. Another unique feature of the game is the ability to play head to head against another DS using only one DS card (“Download play”).


  • From Ninja Studio, the makers of the popular Izuna series, comes a 2D fighting game filled with irresistible characters and furious action!

  • With a simple yet exciting fighting system, even newcomers can enjoy the action

  • Enjoy multi-player with only one DS card using “Download Play.”

  • Use both DS screens to fight, the background extends to the upper screen allowing you to pursue your opponent into the air.

  • Ultimate Techniques: Aim for mega-damage by using a Windy technique.

  • Multiple Game Modes: Battle, Training, Versus and Ranking Modes

Windy X Windam for Nintendo DS is scheduled to be released Q1 2010.

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