Grab Dishonored for $20 this week on Xbox Live

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Microsoft has knocked down the price of stealth action-adventure game Dishonored and its downloadable content packs on Xbox Live. The sale lasts until July 15.

Publisher Bethesda Softworks announced the deal on its blog today. The game from developer Arkane Studios now costs $20 instead of $30. The Knife of Dunwall, which makes the assassin Daud a playable character, costs 400 Microsoft Points rather than 800. The 10-map challenge Dunwall City Trials costs 200 MP (down from 400 MP).

And the latest DLC pack, Void Walker's Arsenal, is available for 160 MP (down from 320). It gives players access to the previously preorder-only bonuses: the Acrobatic Killer, Arcane Assassin, Backstreet Butcher, and Shadow Rat packs.

We gave the game an 8-out-of-10.

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