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Grab a PS4 DualShock 4 for $35


Are you tired of playing alone on your PlayStation 4? Do you wish that you were playing with someone that hasn't f@&$ed your mom?

There is a way out. There's a way to actually play co-op with your friend, and it's less expensive than it would regularly be.

The online retailer Rakuten (this is the link to the store page) put the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 on sale for 25% off of the regular price. That makes it $44.99 - but wait there's more!

If you register as a new customer (with a shipping address not yet registered on the site) and use the promo code "WELCOME"‚Äč the price will drop from $44.99 to $35. That's a pretty good deal for a DualShock 4.

There have been warnings to pay through PayPal, so I suggest proceeding with caution when entering your credit card information.

Limited to the US.

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