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Gotta Scan 'em All with Cybrird's Girlfriend Simulator for the iPhone


Embarrassed of capturing/playing Pokemon at an old-age? Love life got you down, and you need a quick pick me up? Does the prospect of picking up a girlfriend at any convenience store sound wonderful to you? Then my friends, welcome to Cybird's Barcode Kanojo; the game where you can take pictures of barcodes and translate them into over seven trillion different types of girlfriend variations. Eat that Pikachu.

Using a first-party technology developed by Cybird, if you see a specific barcode that catches your eye, you take out your iPhone, snap a picture and using the barcode, the game will generate a 3D virtual girlfriend for you. Yep, it's that simple, a complete 360 degree difference from real life.

But where's the fun if all you can do is take pictures? Don't worry. Cybird has plenty of things for you to do. Starting with building up affection levels with them, you can also build up a library of girlfriends by scanning different bar codes and stealing your friends' girls. As of now it hasn't been mentioned how this system will work but rest assured there's some awesome technology underneath this game's 'assets.'

Aside from the 3D models, the game will also include a 2D illustration touch and the girls will have different reactions based on the iPhone's accelerometer. According to the developer, the game will be free to download, but the developer is currently looking for companies to place product tie-ups. The game is currently in its beta phase, and can be found in both English and Japanese at the developer's website, although it is not yet known on whether or not it will make it to the US app store as of this time. Pokemon Black and White be damned, it looks like a new king of the collecting-kind has arrived -- and personally, I can't wait to see what my Starcraft 2 case produces.

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