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Got your SoulCalibur V fightstick?


SoulCalibur V is only 21 days away.  You know that means right?  It’s the perfect time to order a fighting stick for the game to give you the arcade feel you know and love.  Mad Catz has released just a product.  The “SoulCalibur V FightStick” will be released for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. 

This fightstick emulates tournament play.  These sticks are preeeetty pricey but they are preeeetty awesome.  Sites are showing these sold for $160.  Having one of these shows some dedication and true love to the SoulCalibur series.

I put owning one of these in the same category as owning any of the SWTOR specific Razor gear.  It’s really really awesome stuff, IF you can afford it.  Check the fightstick out and make your decision, you can still get it before SoulCalibur V is out.

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