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Got extra money? You should totally buy some of this sh*t

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting my paycheck, buying a bunch of cool, random sh*t that I don't need, and then getting berated by my loved ones for being irresponsible with my money. #YOLO amirite? I actually just threw up in my mouth a little.

Okay, so seeing as how I appointed myself as the Indiana Jones of the internet, I find a lot of cool items online that would be great to own. These are some of those items. In now way am I telling you that you should go out and spend all your money on this stuff. No — make sure you pay your bills first. But if you do find yourself with a little extra cash and you want to pamper yourself, these can be yours...

Han Solo Frozen iPhone Case

Han Solo frozen iPhone case

Little known fact: Apple was on the fence about ever making the iPhone. Then they saw concept art for a Han Solo in Carbonite phone case. It put them over the edge and they decided to run with it. The iPhone was specifically made with this case in mind. Another little fact: George Lucas got the idea to put Han in carbonite from this case.

It can be yours for the low price of $15.99. You can check it out at This is why I'm broke or Amazon.

Nintendo Gameboy Dress

nintendo gameboy dress

Hot. This little dress for you ladies (and some of the guys out there) will show your Nintendo pride. And your significant other will love it to. Nothing turns us on like being able to smash your d-pad and press your buttons. Note: model is not included with purchase.

Rock this sexy number for $78 from Etsy or This is why I'm broke.

Bill Murray Coloring Book

bill murray coloring book

If any of you follow me on Twitter or GameZone (odds are you don't), you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Bill Murray. If I was presented with the option of having relationships with Blake Lively or partying with Bill Murray, I'd party with Bill. I nearly sh*t myself when I saw Bill Murray coloring book where you can bring color to scenes from all of his movies.

My birthday is coming up in August, and you should totally buy this for me for $14.99 from This is why I'm broke or Amazon.

USB Wall Outlet

usb wall outlet

I see this, and I feel like I should immediately replace all of the outlets in my house. Homes should be build with this from now on. It's so genius; I wish I thought of it.

Outfit your outlets with this for $27.95 from Think Geek or This is why I'm broke.


Smartphone Laser Tag

smartphone laser tag

This peripheral and app turns your smarphone — both iPhone and Android — into a laser tag game. 'Nuff said. Shut up and take my money. It also has features like armor, ammo and health packs.

You can throw $49.99 at this at either This is why I'm broke or

Mini Ballista Launcher

mini ballista launcher

Yes. Yes. Yes. Wage war on the other people in your office with this little desk ballista. Comes with mini wood ammo that shoots up to 30 feet. Who will challenge your office might when you're armed with this? Sure, it might get you fired, or even sued if you shoot someone's eye out. But Rome wasn't build in a day, you can't handle the truth, and there is no 'i' in 't-e-a-m.' And your coworkers might not have an eye if you have a good aim.

Wage war for $24.95 from This is why I'm broke or Think Geek.

Portable Super Nintendo Player

supaboy portable super nintendo player

Dubbed the 'SupaBoy', don't be scared off by the name. Just bust out your old SNES titles and play them on the go. Who needs a Vita or 3DS when you can have this?

SupaBoy that game for $99.95 from Amazon or This is why I'm broke. UUUUUUUUU!

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[Source: ThinkGeek, ThisiswhyImBroke, and Amazon]

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