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Google to purchase Twitch for $1 billion


Google today added Twitch to its online toolkit, after putting $1 billion on the table in exchange for the streaming forerunner, sources told GamesBeat.

The deal has been swirling for months but only solidified today. As Polygon reports, the offer is said to have been made back in May, only for the deal to then be confirmed as early discussion. New reports show that the allegedly all-cash offer is now back in force and that a deal may be struck soon.

It comes as no surprise that Twitch caught Google’s eye given the company’s 2006 purchase of YouTube for $1.65 billion. With well over 50 million active users, Twitch is a titan of internet viewership and a potent asset for any company interested in harnessing an audience. The growing popularity of eSports mirrors the rise of streamed content and bodes well for the future of the medium.

[GamesBeat via Polygon]

Austin Wood
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