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Google employs Starcraft's Zerg Rush tactics


Anybody who has played Starcraft has probably, at one point or another in their gaming career, been a victim of the "Zerg rush". 

For those unfamiliar with the game, the Zerg rush is an infamous and debatably effective tactic used by players of the Zerg race.  As the name implies, players take advantage of the zerg race's low cost and huge numbers to simply overwhelm the enemy.  Depending on the player, of course, this tactic can be countered because the other playable races are often stronger.  The Zerg units are often weaker, but it's the sheer numbers of the race that make this strategy sometimes work.

Google, obviously being fans of games, has paid homage to Starcraft and the infamous strategy in today's easter egg.  Now, when you Google search the term "Zerg Rush", a mini-game will pop-up playing out a similar scenario with an army of Google "O's" swarming your search results - in a manner similar to that of the Zerg.

Armed with just your mouse, it is your job to survive as long as possible by clicking on the O's to destroy them.  Each attacking O, as well as search result link has a health bar.  Unfortunately, unlike the game counterpart, there is no way to win this Zerg Rush, just survive as long as possible and earn your best APM (actions per minute) and kill count.

Hint: be sure to scroll down on the page.  Remember, the Zerg swarm from all sides.

If you wish to still search for "Zerg rush" without the mini-game, simply hit the "Clear" button at the top of the page.  But let me recommend you at least trying it first.  And when you lose, stay until the end; Google is a good sport.  GG Google, GG.

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