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Google as an internet provider will promise a '100 times faster' internet for everyone


Remember when you only had to pick between five internet providers? In some places only two? Google, and their ever growing presence in every aspect of our lives is now entering the internet provider arena. What does this mean? It means Google is about to fight for its right to control your household against Apple and Microsoft.

From what we know, Google has built a $500 million fiber optic network in Kansas City, and is refered to as the Google Fiber project. Lucky for Kansas City right? Well if you don't mind paying $120 a month. Apparently though the internet service will be 100 times faster than anything else currently offered in the US. Woah!

Though it sounds pretty pricey, it does come with a few extras, most notably a television service, and a free Nexus 7 Android Tablet that can be both used as a remote for your TV, or act as an extra screen. Not too shabby.

Of course, in order for this service to grow, there needs to be a demand for it, which means areas have to petition for Google Fiber.

Though, Google Fiber might actually be a big win for gamers in the end, especially those interested in the future of Cloud Gaming, namely OnLive. Apparently OnLive already has a relationship with Google TV, which could mean that not only will you get a free Nexus 7 Tablet, but an OnLive console might be bundled in there too.

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