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Google announces Pokemon Master Maps collaboration, and it's sweet

Pokemon Master

Let the April Fools' jokes begin. But wait, this one is actually pretty cool, and not to mention, it's somewhat real! Google announced the Pokemon Master Project, where smartphone users could open up the Google Maps app on their iPhone or Android device, and look for / catch 150 Pokemon.

I was skeptical whether this was all just an elaborate video, but the app definitely works, even though nowhere near as cool on the video.

The sweetest prize for finding all 150 of them is, of course, the joke, but if there was a company who would hire a person based on their Pokemon expertise, I'd like to think it would be Google.

To start becoming a Pokemon Master, go to your updated Google Maps app, tap the Search Bar, and then tap the Pokeball icon that says Start. You'll be transported to Isla Santa Cruz, which is a remote cluster of islands, that are apparently teeming with Pokemon wildlife. You can then catch Pokemon by tapping them. There is a Pokedex you can fill with 150 different types of Pokemon, though I'm unsure what happens when you succeed.

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