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Good Old Games Teases Huge Publishing Deal


During this morning's CDP Days 2011 Spring Conference, Good Old Games teased an upcoming deal on classic games from one of the five most requested publishers. Microsoft, EA, Lucasarts, Take Two, and Square Enix are in the running. The GoG team says they're finalizing a deal with one of these companies to bring 25 new classic games to the service.

Ask fans within the very vocal community and they'll tell you which one of these five publishers they want to see next. According to GoG, they hope to bring in two more of these publishers by summer's end. Which publisher would you like to see most?

While the announcement was a tease, even upsetting fans to some extent, the news shows that is on an upswing. In fact, the company reports that they've been growing steadily, with a 163% sales increase from 2009 to 2010. It's good to know that while gamers are always interested in the next best thing, they still room for the classics.

GoG also announced improvements to their downloader, personal message and IM support for the community, and more. You can now purchase the first three Alone in the Dark games for a mere $5.99. The Witcher will also be available May 10 at an introductory price of $5.99 in anticipation of the awesome-looking Witcher 2.

Finally, between now and May 10, GoG will be rolling out weekly game releases related to the following clues:

What game made you dream of the stars? What game made you ride with the outlaws? What game made you fear your past? What game made you go to the underground? What game made you feel like a hero? What game made monsters afraid of you?

Let us know if you have any suspects in mind.

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